Hub Issue 72

A bumper issue this week, with 4 (count ‘em – four!) flash fiction tales, a comic review and the Hub Awards 2008 for those of you who read the pdf/mobi but don’t visit the website.


2 Responses to “Hub Issue 72”

  1. Luke Ash says:

    Another great issue of hub, i’m hooked on flash fiction.

    Just one comment, i thought you were getting back to weekly issues yet this issue was out the 5th and we’re now on the 27th with no new issue.

    Thats not a complaint, merely an observation. ;-)

  2. Lee says:


    Next one out today, then another on Monday, and every week from then on.

    We’ve had some major changes happening behind the scenes – some of which you’ll start to see from next week’s issue…


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