Dec 27th, 2009

Issue 107

Fiction:The Tongues of Angels by Liz Holliday Reviews: The Clone Wars s2, ep 7-8 Love Songs for the Shy and Cynical Features:Roll TheBones by J R Blackwell Interview with Al Ewing Enjoy…PDF / Mobi

Dec 6th, 2009

Issue 106

Fiction:Pandering Dwarves by Marshall Payne Reviews: SWORD Paranormal Activity Feature:Heaven Book 1: Heaven Enjoy…PDF / Mobi

Nov 29th, 2009

Issue 105

Details in this issue of our new sponsors – taking us through the next 50 issues… Fiction:Angel Dust by David Watkins Reviews: The Clone Wars s2 eps 4-6 Saw VI Feature:7th Son of a 7th Son – An interview with J C Hutchins Enjoy…PDF / Mobi

Nov 23rd, 2009

Issue 104

An Angry Robot Special Fiction:A Little Respect by Colin Harvey Reviews: Slights Moxyland Angel of Death Book of Secrets Nekropolis Kell’s Legend Winter Song Triumff: Her Majesty’s Hero Sixty-One Nails Enjoy…PDF / Mobi

Nov 17th, 2009

Aleph 1

Welcome to Aleph Issue 1. Aleph is an occasional series we’ll be doing looking at the best, oldest and oddest genre fiction around. We’ll be covering everything outside the 20th century, the sort of work that laid the foundation for everyone from Lovecraft up to King. Fiction:Ghost Story by Pliny the Younger Review:Doctor Who: The [...]

Nov 9th, 2009

Issue 103

Fiction: The Insect Garden by Ilan Lerman Feature: Interview with Colin Ferguson (the Sheriff from Eureka) Enjoy… PDF / Mobi

Nov 1st, 2009

Issue 102

Some changes coming to the pages of Hub over the next couple of months. Stay tuned… Fiction: LoveSexIntelligence by David Barnett Reviews The Clone Wars – Season 2 episodes 1-3 Feature: Circling Fiji by Kaaron Warren Enjoy… PDF / Mobi

Oct 26th, 2009

Issue 101

And with this issue we reach 10,000 weekly readers! See inside for details. Fiction: Growing Pains by Ian Whates Reviews:9 Cirque du Freak – The Vampire’s Assistant 2010 Feature: Interview with Claudio Sanchez Enjoy… PDF / Mobi

Oct 18th, 2009

Issue 100 !

Fiction: Under a Closed Sky by C.J. Paget The Apprentice’s Sorcerer by Dan Abnett Review:Doctor Who – Dalek War Boxset   Features: You Know You Want It by Kelly HarkerIcon: The Fourth Doctor by Scott HarrisonRoll the Bones by J.R. BlackwellCompetition: Win FAQ About Time Travel on DVD       Enjoy… PDF / Mobi

Oct 14th, 2009

Hub 99

Fiction: Extra Time by Vaughan Stanger Reviews: Old Man Scratch Chosen The Better Mousetrap Zombieland Up Igor Enjoy… PDF / Mobi Categories: Hub -

Sep 13th, 2009

Issue 98

Fiction: The Clockwork Hunter by Andy Remic Reviews: The Language of Dying District 9 Inglorious Basterds / Shorts Personal Effects: Dark Art Features: Big Screen Future #5 Enjoy… PDF / Mobi

Sep 7th, 2009

Issue 97

Fiction: The Locked Room by Gaie Sebold and Martin Owton Reviews: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra Terminator Salvation Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Orphan Features: Bleeding Words Enjoy… PDF / Mobi

Aug 25th, 2009

Issue 96

Fiction: Obsession by Jo Thomas Reviews: The Clone Wars - s1, ep22 Features: Big Screen Future Enjoy… PDF / Mobi

Aug 16th, 2009

Issue 95

Fiction: Last Flight by Malin Larsson Reviews: The Clone Wars - s1, ep19-21 Features: The Evolution of Vampire in Fiction Enjoy… PDF / Mobi

Aug 4th, 2009

Issue 94

Fiction: A Soldier’s Tale by Simon Frayne Reviews: Moon Slights Torchwood: Children of Earth Features: Interview: Stan Sakai – part 2 LGBTorchwood: Sexuality Issues in Torchwood Enjoy… PDF / Mobi

Jul 26th, 2009

Issue 93

Fiction: Ticket by J.R. Blackwell Reviews: The Magic Mousetrap Saturn Returns Doctor Who: Room with a Deja View Feature: Bleeding Words #5  - GaryMcMahon Interview: Stan Sakai – part 1 Enjoy… PDF / Mobi

Jul 20th, 2009

Issue 92

Fiction: Three Blind Dice by Lincoln Crisler Reviews: The Clone Wars s1 – eps 17-18 Space Captain Smith Feature: Big Screen Future 3 – Alasdair Stuart Enjoy… PDF / Mobi

Jun 28th, 2009

Issue 91

Fiction: The Bohemian of the Arbat by Sarah Pinborough Reviews: Detective Comics #854 Gotham City Sirens #1 The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – Century: 1910 The HIPPIECast Moxyland Feature: Gun for Hire – Guy Adams Enjoy… PDF / Mobi

Jun 21st, 2009

Issue 90

Fiction: Moxyland [novel extract] by Lauren Beukes Reviews: Drag Me to Hell Coraline Feature: Bleeding Words – Gary McMahon Transformers – Competition Enjoy… PDF / Mobi

Jun 14th, 2009

Issue 89

Fiction: Storm CHASER by Craig Pirrell Review: The Incredible Hulk season 3 DVD boxset Feature: Big Screen Future – Alasdair Stuart Enjoy… PDF / Mobi

May 24th, 2009

Issue 88

Fiction: Red Rover, Red Rover by Janet Loftis Review: The Way of Shadows Feature: Bleeding Words by Gary McMahon The Science Fiction and Fantasy Ethics group – Andy Remic Enjoy… PDF / Mobi

May 20th, 2009

Issue 87

Fiction: Nightlife by Dean Grondo Reviews: Thicker than Water Dollhouse s1, ep 1 & 2 Feature: Time Will Not Relent by Mike Carey Enjoy… PDF / Mobi

May 10th, 2009

Issue 86

Fiction: Wink by Lucy Kemnitzer Tastes of the Dark by Malin Larsson Reviews: The Gabble – and Other Stories Frisky Dingo Feature: Podcasting by Mur Lafferty Enjoy… PDF / Mobi

May 8th, 2009

Issue 85

Fiction: Old Clothes by Chris Cyr Review: X-Men Origins: Wolverine Feature: Short Story Writing Competition (UK only) Enjoy… PDF / Mobi