Apr 26th, 2009

Issue 84

Fiction: My Dad’s Idea by Llinos Cathryn Thomas Reviews: Godspeaker: The Riven Kingdom Primeval Season 3, Episode 4 Feature: Big Screen Future Enjoy… PDF / Mobi

Apr 13th, 2009

Issue 83

Fiction: Mother Sponge by Mur Lafferty The Real Easter Bunny by Peter Roberts

Apr 5th, 2009

Issue 82

Fiction: Under a Bridge by Paul Fairbairn Features: Gun for Hire by Guy Adams Reviews: Franklyn Nation Primeval – s3, ep1 Enjoy… PDF / MOBI

Mar 29th, 2009

Issue 81 – Philip Palmer & Mark Morris

Fiction: Gifted by Philip Palmer Features: Collecting Campbell by Mark Morris Reviews: Big Finish – Orbis Path of Revenge Enjoy… PDF / MOBI

Mar 22nd, 2009

Issue 80

Fiction: Hush a Bye by Beverley Allen Features: Bleeding Words by Gary McMahon Reviews: The Incredible Hulk - Season 2 The Unblemished Enjoy… PDF / MOBI

Mar 18th, 2009

Issue 79

Fiction: SBIR Proposal by Richard K. Lyon Features: Radio Days by Neil Gardner Reviews: Alias – Season 1 Evil Ways   Enjoy… PDF / MOBI

Mar 8th, 2009

Issue 78

Fiction: Gravestones by Mari Ness Features: Podcasting by Mur Lafferty Reviews: Space Raoul Let the Right One In Magical Shopping Arcade Enjoy… PDF / MOBI

Mar 1st, 2009

Issue 77

Fiction: Hidden Underneath by Malin Larsson Features: Gun For Hire by Guy Adams Reviews: The Reach of Children Wolverine and the X-Men Scarlet Enjoy… PDF / MOBI

Feb 22nd, 2009

Issue 76

So, after a long gestation period, we have finally given birth to our new Short Story Competition – Bootstrap SF. Details are in this week’s issue, or can be found by clicking the “Competition” link, above… And now to this week’s issue… Fiction: Montgolfier Winter by Alasdair Stuart Features: Bootstrap SF Competition – free entry, [...]

Feb 15th, 2009

Issue 75

Thanks for all your comments about the new look of Hub – it’s a changing beast, and we’re taking everything you say onboard. We may not use all your suggestions, but we’ll certainly consider them over the coming weeks and months… And now to this week’s issue… Fiction: A Little Mystery by Len Bains Features: [...]

Feb 9th, 2009

New Look Hub! Issue 74

A New-Look Hub for 2009! Yes, we now have a new look, thanks to our Design & Layout bod, Phil Lunt, so now Hub looks as good as it reads! Fiction: The Astronomer of Baghdad by Matt Keefe Feature: “Van Gogh & The Burning Eye” by horror guru, Simon Clark and oodles of reviews! Enjoy… [...]

Jan 30th, 2009

Hub Issue 73

Featuring Behind Glass – an excellent horror tale by Simon Strantzas, as well as reviews of I, Zombie by Al Ewing Saturn Returns by Sean Williams The Incredible Hulk Season 1 (DVD) and a truly bizarre feature by LRG Carter linking Doctor Who and the Illuminati. Hmmm… PDF / MOBI

Jan 5th, 2009

Hub Issue 72

A bumper issue this week, with 4 (count ‘em – four!) flash fiction tales, a comic review and the Hub Awards 2008 for those of you who read the pdf/mobi but don’t visit the website. PDF / MOBI

Dec 29th, 2008

The Hub Awards, 2008

  Welcome to the second Annual Hub Awards. ish.   As with last year’s star-studded ceremony, the Hub Awards are simply a chance for me (your genial host, Lee Harris) to reflect on some of the genre highlights of my year. (Important note: These are my choices, and do not reflect the views of other members of [...]

Dec 28th, 2008

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Dec 27th, 2008

Hub Issue 71

Our last story of 2008 is The Watchers at the Window by Marie Faye Prior, and it’s a good ‘un! Rounding off this issue are reviews of the Clone Wars TV series, the Doctor Who Christmas special and Abaddon’s I, Zombie novel by Al Ewing. Have a great New Year, everyone! PDF / MOBI

Dec 10th, 2008

Support Hub

There are a number of ways you can support Hub, not all of which involve money (inevitably, though, some do). 1. Encourage your friends, family and colleagues to subscribe.  2. Make a one-off donation (any amount is worthwhile) 3. Make a regular (monthly) donation of £1 (approximately US$1.50). Feed the Writers Hub Magazine pays its [...]

Dec 10th, 2008

Hub Issue 70

Estate Agents – don’tcha just love ‘em! The one responsible for the particular’s in this week’s fiction offering – Gary McMahon’s “Under Offer” appears to be more truthful than most, however. A few reviews complete’s this week’s issue. PDF / MOBI POCKET

Dec 10th, 2008

Hub Issue 69

No reviews this week. Instead, prepare to be thoroughly entertained by James Targett’s wonderful romp “Automatic Swan, Fusion Heart”. PDF / MOBI POCKET

Dec 10th, 2008

Hub Issue 68

One of the most interesting fantasies we have published this year, Eugie Foster’s “A Box of Spoons” is our fiction choice this week, along with some reviews and an editorial from Ellen Allen on why it sucks that our SF promises of yesterday have not yet come true… PDF / MOBI POCKET

Dec 10th, 2008

Hub Issue 67

An intruguing tale from Penelope Friday – “Life From Mars”, along with some reviews and the final (for now) installment of Alasdair Stuart’s “Big Screen Future”. This week, Alien Resurrection. PDF / MOBI POCKET

Dec 10th, 2008

We Are Living In The Future, But Those Promises Are Unfulfilled – by Ellen Allen

Today I finally went to Disney. We went to the Magic Kingdom and to Epcot. And I have to say, it reduced me to tears. *sigh* I’m sure I know what the more cynical of you are thinking, but no. That’s not it. It was one ride. Misson to Mars. The ‘orange’ lane for ‘more [...]

Dec 10th, 2008

Hub Issue 66

Another excellent piece of original fiction from Dave Hoing this week, entitled “We. They.” Some reviews, and the penultimate part of Alasdair Stuart’s popular series, “Big Screen Future”. This week: Alien 3. PDF / MOBI POCKET

Dec 9th, 2008

Short Story Competition

DEADLINE EXTENDED TO JUNE 14, 2009 We’ve teased you long enough. Today is the day we launch our short story competition – Bootstrap SF. First of all, a general outline of the rules – we’ll get to the competition specifics, later.   General Rules • The competition is open to anyone currently living in the [...]