We are looking for a legion of reviewers.

We do not currently pay for reviews, but we will provide books, etc for review, which you are welcome to keep.

To be considered as a reviewer for Hub, please send a sample review (of anything SF&F-related) to the email address at the bottom of this page. Check out the reviews in a recent edition of Hub to see the kind of format we are looking for.

Reviews should ideally be between 400 and 800 words long. Shorter is sometimes ok. Longer is always ok.

Send your sample review double, or one-and-a-half spaced, as an RTF or .DOC (not as a plain text file). Underlined words should be underlined. Italicised words should be italicised. Hyphenated words should be hyphenated (not 2 dashes). Use a single tab at the beginning of every new paragraph (not a series of spaces). Do not leave a double-space between paragraphs unless you are beginning a whole new sequence that requires a physical break. Your name, email address and snail mail address should be included on the first page of your story, along with word count (we need your home address for the contracts).

Submissions should be sent to: phil.lunt<at>

If we ask you to become a reviewer we will give you access to our reviewer-only page, containing details of the books we currently have available for review.

We are primarily interested in UK-based reviewers, as overseas postage is phenomenally expensive. However, if you live overseas we would be happy to consider you as a reviewer, as long as you reviewed material you already have (or material seen on TV, DVD, cinema, etc).