We are temporarily closed for submissions. If you wish to be kept informed of when we are reopening, make sure you sign up for Hub (front page of this site). We expect to reopen for submissions soon, so keep an eye on this page (and the pages of the zine).

When we re-open, our guidelines will be as follows:

We are looking for short fiction in the genres of science fiction, horror and fantasy. If you have a story and are not sure if it fits, it probably doesn’t. Send us something you know fits, instead. Wordcount should be 800-6,000, unless you have been published by us previously, in which case we will consider longer stories.

We do not accept multiple submissions, so send us what you think we would most like to read.

We will endeavour to contact you with the a yay or nay within 4 months of submission. Feel free to query after this time if you have not heard.

Payment is £25 for the rights to feature your story in Hub. We may also ask for the rights to publish your story in print media (for additional fees). Feel free to say no.


We do not accept printed submissions, only electronic.

When querying, do remember that the magazine is called Hub, not The Hub.

Send your story double, or one-and-a-half spaced, as an RTF or .DOC (not as a plain text file). Underlined words should be underlined. Italicised words should be italicised. Hyphenated words should be hyphenated (not 2 dashes). Use a single tab at the beginning of every new paragraph (not a series of spaces). Do not leave a double-space between paragraphs unless you are beginning a whole new sequence that requires a physical break. Your name, email address and snail mail address should be included on the first page of your story, along with word count (we need your home address for the contracts).

We do accept reprints, and we do accept simultaneous submissions. If your story is accepted elsewhere before we make our decision, all we ask is that you let us know so we do not spend time considering it when we could be reading some else’s.

Submissions should be sent to:

Hub is a free-to-subscribe, electronic-only weekly magazine.

As we are electronic only, and do not charge our readers, our rates are not as high as other markets. All payments are made through PayPal for overseas authors, or cheque for UK authors.